Mrs Hay’s Daily Update!

Hello everyone!

What a day we have had today but despite the rain (and when we say rain, we really do mean rain)
we all managed to enjoy our day.

Ben, Jack, Thomas and Finlay were off-site for most of the day on a hike. They built shelters on their way up the hill, had lunch at the top and then came down the rocky path to return to camp. I will let them add details of their hike when I meet with them later tonight.

Mrs Hay’s moments of the day:

1. Dillon on the night-line activity. Pupils are under sleepshade for this activity and
have to navigate around an obstacle course. A perfect opportunity for staff to ‘get their own back’ on pupils, and now Dillon wants his revenge – something about mud-balls.

2. Jasmine was an excellent shot in the archery activity today.

3. Euan and Cameron on the ‘cat-walk’. Both were incredibly supportive of their peers which was lovely to see.

4. Trying to wake Ben up this morning at 7.15 (at his request) to go on the school 2 mile run. After quite an effort to wake him up he decided that this morning was not the morning to go for a run, but he did change his mind and joined in for the run.

All messages are being passed on to our pupils so please feel free to leave more.

Tomorrow is our last day of activities and the event of the year – the Dounans disco. Check in tomorrow for another update.

Mrs Hay