Good Morning West Barns!

Here is a wee comment from each of our P7’s about their experiences so far.

Finlay – I did the cat-walk this week, it was really high and we had to climb up
a tree and then walk along a beam. Then we could jump off the beam or hang off. It was
really good and fun. It felt quite scary when I got to the top because I didn’t think it
would feel that high – but it did!

Thomas – Hi Mum and Dad. I really enjoyed the tree climb. We had to climb up a tree which
was twice the height of the cat walk. Half way up I didn’t think I could go any more and
only wanted to do a few more steps but Mrs Hay and my group encouraged me to do it
and get all the way to the top to ring the bell. I felt relieved when I returned
to the ground!

Dillon – Yesterday I did the mohawk walk with my team. It is a team building
activity where you have to work together to figure out how to get across the
low-wire obstacle course. I kind of liked the activity, I had a new experience
and I’m pleased that I tried it because now I know that I like it.

Euan – Yesterday I did the night-line activity and I really enjoyed it because it
was a fun, new experience. Also, Mrs Hay gave me a pile of muddy pine needles and
because I was under sleep-shade I didn’t know what it was but I did know that my
hand was then very muddy.

Ben – Earlier in the week I did the mohawk walk, it was really fun and it was a
team-building activity where everyone in my group had to work together to solve
the problem of how to get across the wire. I really enjoyed this activity and
I think my team did really well.

Jack – I did archery this week and we were taught different safety rules and
how to use a bow and arrow. I hit the target board three times. I really enjoyed
it and would like to do it again.

Cameron – Yesterday I did the night-line walk, I really enjoyed it and we were
blind-folded so we couldn’t see where we were going. I walked into lots of trees
and fell over lots of times. Mrs Hay put pine needles down my back because I kept
peeking out of my uncomfortable, wet and soggy goggles.

Today is our last day and our pupils are taking part in a mixture of the following
activities – the day hike, tree climbing, archery, cat walk, raft-building, night-line
and the mohawk walk. Tonight is also the disco and we are all excited for it!

6 thoughts on “Good Morning West Barns!”

  1. Hey everyone,
    Sounds like you are all having an amazing time! Hope your last day and the disco is fab! Can’t wait to see your wee face tomorrow Finlay. Xx

  2. Glad you are all having fun, the village has been very quiet this week!! Enjoy the disco tonight, see you tomorrow Ben. x

  3. Hi not only has the village been quite but school has been strangely peaceful as well.Glad you are all having a great time,it’ll be good to see you all back on Monday.

  4. Hey Benjo, glad you’re having a good time. We’ve all missed you at home. On a positive, we’ve not had to buy chocolate biscuits or crisps all week 😉 can’t wait to see you x

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