P2/3 Story Writing Through Drama

Last term and this term we have been throwing ourselves into the wonderful world of story writing! Shonagh Davidson, a drama teacher from East Lothian Arts Services, visited us to deliver a drama workshop on fairy tales. We built on drama skills from the workshop to help us write a Celtic fairy tale and a Roman warrior story. We enjoyed using the Roman and Celtic weapons and shields that we had made when acting out our story ideas!

Story Writing Through Drama on PhotoPeach

This term we have chosen to study Jeremy Strong’s science fiction novel ‘Krazy Cow Saves the World’ as our class story. During the second week of term we chose a character in the story and developed the character in the same style as the author. We were amazed at the amount of adjectives and fantastic wow words we were able to think of when working with our writing buddies! During the third week of term we chose a really funny part of the story to stop at and then continued the story on in the same style as the author. Last week we wrote a letter to Jeremy Strong to ask if he could give us feedback on our story writing. Well done Lucy Townshend and Ryan Dunn for being voted writing stars of the week and getting your excellent letters on the wall of success!!