P2/3s Slideshow Showcase

Yesterday, in ICT, P2/3 worked with a partner to create a slideshow on their chosen learning from last term or this term. We enjoyed using photopeach to copy, paste and organise our photos into a slideshow. We also thought of our own title and added music. Some of us then reflected on our learning and added comments.

Gymnastics Festival by Jasiu and Tommy.
We went to Dunbar Grammar School for a gymnastics festival and we also practiced some gymnastics at our school. We learnt to balance, jump and land using different equipment. There were jump stations, balancing stations and running stations. I think everyone enjoyed it!

Trip to John Gray Center by Poppy and Allister.
We worked in groups and with our writing buddies to explore and measure different objects, read information and write down ideas for the different quizzes. I liked going to the centre to find out different things about history and objects.

Forces Friction Experiment by Chris and Oscar.
We made up an experiment to test friction on different surfaces. We worked in groups inside and outside. We used measuring skills learnt in maths to measure how far the 2p coin had travelled. The 2p travelled the furthest on the table so it has the smoothest surface and has the least amount of friction. The 2p travelled the least on the rough surfaces which had the most amount of friction. It was fun!

Writing Instructions for Making a Mummy by Caley and Blair.
Last week we learnt about how the Egyptians made a mummy. In drama we acted out making a mummy with salt and bandages. In reading we answered questions about making a mummy by reading and highlighting key words in bits from non-fiction books. This helped us to learn more to write detailed instructions for making a mummy. We worked with our writing buddies. I liked it when Mrs McCaw read us Horrid Henry and the Mummy Curse.