P7s Have Landed

Hello West Barns!

Greetings from Dounans camp. Our P7’s arrived safe and well at Dounans and have had
a great start to their activity week. Here are a few photos of our first day. Keep
checking back each night to see what we’ve been up to.

I am meeting with our P7’s this evening (haven’t seen some and they will be blogging their experiences
to share with you all.

Mrs Hay

Daniel – My favourite activity today was the Cat Walk.

Zak – I really enjoyed the Mohawk Walk activity because I like a challenge and I liked
the obstacle course.

Sean – I enjoyed the Cat Walk today. I was really nervous about climbing up the tree but I used
my adrenaline rush to my advantage and went as far up as I could!

Struan – My favourite activity today was the Cat Walk. I enjoyed making my way around the obstacle

Lee – I did archery today and our team leader put balloons up on the target board and I managed pop
two of them.

Mya – Today I enjoyed the Living Outdoors activity because I got to make a campfire using flint.

P7 Camp – Day 1! on PhotoPeach


  1. Mrs Hay says:

    Yes we are Olivia. Keep checking back on the website for more updates 🙂 Tomorrow Zak is doing an obstacle course under sleep shade – pictures to follow tomorrow night.

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