P7 Dounans Camp – Day 2

Hello West Barns!

What a day we’ve all had. We’ve been so busy today, in our different groups
we’ve been involved in lots of activities – a half day hike, nightlife, archery,
raft-building pole climb, tree climb and orienteering.

No time for a group blogging session tonight as our pupils have their class time with
Richard Taylor, a youth worker from our cluster.

I have been sharing all of your messages with our pupils so keep them coming. When we
aren’t in our activities we are basically eating one of our four meals a day or
hanging out with new friends.

Another busy day to come tomorrow . . . . let’s hope for another good night’s sleep.

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  1. Mrs Whitford says:

    Hi Everybody
    Looks like you are having a brilliant time. So sorry that I am going to miss it. Make sure you take plenty of photos! Very proud of you all
    Mrs Whitford

  2. Zak says:

    Hi Olivia, Zak here. I was having a relaxing time after the massive climb up a tree. I am enjoying my self and I have Daniel and Harry in my dorm. Are you doing good at school?From Zak

  3. Daniel says:

    Hi Amy – it’s Daniel. I hit the target, we had to try hit a balloon also and I nearly hit it a few times. We had a competition in our activity groups we had two teams and my team won by one point.

  4. Amanda McAlpine says:

    Hi Daniel, Well done for hitting the target! Archery was one of my favourite activities when I went to school camp. I’m sure you’re having lots of fun and making new friends. I have been enjoying seeing photos and reading your comments about camp.I hope you weren’t too exhausted after your long hike yesterday. P.S hope your jeans are clean for the disco! lol
    Love Mum x

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