Blairs and Jasius setting work

Blair and I have been learning how to write a setting for our imaginary stories. We had to use lots of descriptive language to make it interesting when we use our knowledge when writing our story. Jasiu and I have been learning about how to use adjectives to make our stories interesting for the reader.


News from P2/3

In maths this week we have been learning about addition and subtraction. We have been playing
games on our whiteboards to help us add and subtract across a 10.

In our topic we worked in our teams to learn about different parts of the body. Rhys’ team learned about the brain and Jay’s team learned about the lungs. We made a lung by blowing up a balloon and using a plastic bottle. We got to see how our lungs blow in and out when we breathe.



Message from Freya and Alicia

Freya and P5/6/7 have been learning about Wind Turbines. We found out that wind turbines are sometimes like a pest to people who live near them. We have also been learning why the makers of the wind turbines base it on the 3 or 2 bladed turbines instead of having them with more blades. They might break if they have lots of blades so the makers don’t want to risk it.

Alicia and p4/5 have been learning about materials so far we have learned different materials can do different things . We have done experiments on different things.