Happy New Year

Welcome back to a new school term. We hope that you all had a
lovely Christmas break. What is your favourite Christmas memory?


This week our pupils have selected new golden time activities for
our four week block, and new to the selection of activities is
the Web Club. We will be learning how to make comments on our
blog and some of our older pupils will be learning to upload photos
to make online slideshows and embed the links into our blog.
Feel free to get involved in our online comments and posts – the
more the merrier!

14 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. My favourite Christmas memory was when I woke up the next
    morning and found lots and lots presents under the Christmas tree .My favourite Christmas present was either my science-lab
    or also when I got my match- attax.

  2. This year I got a keyboard and a bike . Our Christmas dinner was a BIG buffet and for dessert we had a chocolate toffee sticky pudding.

  3. My favourite Christmas memory is when I got an Xbox one with 3 games and when I got to see my nan on Skype.

  4. My favourite present was lego minecraft and we had a very nice Christmas. Rhys

    for my Christmas dinner I had soup then Yorkshire puddings with sausages, I also had gravy. I got to choose vanilla and chocolate ice-cream for my dessert. Jay

  5. I loved when I got a xbox one and lots of games .For Christmas dinner I had some roast potetoes ,turkey,and mashed potatoes.

  6. My favourite Christmas memory was when I got lots of presents
    including: sky-landers trap team and star wars.

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