Message from Freya and Alicia

Freya and P5/6/7 have been learning about Wind Turbines. We found out that wind turbines are sometimes like a pest to people who live near them. We have also been learning why the makers of the wind turbines base it on the 3 or 2 bladed turbines instead of having them with more blades. They might break if they have lots of blades so the makers don’t want to risk it.

Alicia and p4/5 have been learning about materials so far we have learned different materials can do different things . We have done experiments on different things.

2 thoughts on “Message from Freya and Alicia”

  1. Thanks for sharing your learning with us Freya and Alicia. This week we could try and post a picture in our posts linked to what we have been learning in class.

  2. This is a good post, Frey and Alicia. I’ve always wondered why the makers of wind turbines don’t make them with more blades, and now I know!

    This is a short science film about Wind Turbines from Tig Tag World which I think you’ll enjoy, if you haven’t discovered it yet.

    I think you’ll need to ask Ms Hay to log in to Glow before clicking the link. It’s about three and a half minutes long, and explains how people have used wind power in earlier generations.

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