Who’s in our school?

Head Teacher: Mrs Christine Rednall

Principal Teacher: Mrs Gillian Hyndman

Class Teachers 2023-24
P1/2 Mrs Emily Paton
P2/3 Mrs Gillian Hyndman & Ms Alison Hutchison (Thursdays only)
P3/4 Miss Hannah Rosie
P5/6 Mr Logan Spence & Ms Alison Hutchison (Wednesdays only)
P6/7 Mrs Maggie Nicolson

Nursery Team:
Miss Karen Bell (Senior Early Years Practitioner) &
Mrs Samantha Munro, Miss Sophie Wallace, Mrs Amy Sneddon, Mrs Victoria Richardson, Mr Alistair Gorringe(Early Years Practitioners)
Miss Linsey Miller (ASN Nursery) Mrs Gail Wallace (ASN Nursery)

Classroom Assistants:
Mrs Theresa Craigie (Mondays to Wednesdays)
Ms Amy Jaffray (Thursdays and Fridays),
Ms Elizabeth Elliot (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

ASN Auxiliaries:

Miss Eilidh Hall, Mrs Shirley Neill,  Miss Kirsty Crowe (School and Nursery) Mrs Gemma Cairns, Ms Emma Russell

School Secretary: Mrs Lorna Allan

Playground Supervisor: Mrs Annette Blair

Caretaker/Senior Cleaner: Mrs Margaret Forsyth

Catering Supervisor: Mrs Sandra Lyons

Catering Team: Mrs Catriona Brown, Mrs Leanne Thorburn

Visiting Specialists:

Miss Lisa Fletcher (Music)

Miss Eilidh Gordon (P.E.)

Mr Charlie Farren (Brass Instructor)

School Chaplain: Rev. Brian Hilsley (locum)

Active Schools Co-ordinator – Mr Gareth Hill

Please note that staffing is subject to change, since personnel may vary from year to year.

Contact Details:

West Barns Primary School

Forth View

West Barns

East Lothian

EH42 1TZ

Telephone: 01368 863209

Email: westbarns.ps@westbarns.elcschool.org.uk

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