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Global Day of Action on Climate Change

Global Day of Action on Climate Change – Friday 15th March 2019.
We understand that some pupils may be considering taking part in this global event which includes a rally in Glasgow. We want to support our young people as global citizens to have their voice and to be able to express their views on important matters such as climate change. The safety and wellbeing of our children and young people is of paramount importance to us. We would therefore ask that any pupil in your school who wishes to attend this event first discusses it with their parent or carer before notifying you Head Teacher of the intention to be absent from school on this date. Given that the pupil will not be on school premises at this time, and therefore not the responsibility of school staff, they will be marked as being on unauthorised absence.

West Barns Primary School Focused Review Feedback

Well done to all at TEAM West Barns! The feedback from our recent school review reflects the hard work of all our school community. The Primary School’s key strengths have been identified as:

Consistent, high quality learning and teaching within a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Confident, articulate and caring children who are proud of their school.

Shared Leadership is embedded across the school community and ensures continuous improvement leading to improved outcomes for learners.

The dynamic leadership of the Head Teacher has built capacity within the school with leadership at all levels.

West Barns School Review Feedback

And the key strengths of our Nursery are:

The nursery environment is caring, nurturing and motivating. Children and families are made to feel welcome and the areas within the nursery provide spaces for creativity, exploration, quiet time and social opportunities. The layout meets the needs of the learners and promotes fun, learning and independence.

Staff make good use of children’s ideas and interests to shape the learning environment and experiences. They encourage curiosity through the use of questions and comments and will actively extend children’s thinking in a responsive and timely manner.

Staff are engaging with current guidance and the East Lothian Frameworks to develop the learning, teaching and assessment cycle in a way that monitors and supports progress across the curriculum.

The children are passionate, motivated and engaged in their learning. They have strong relationships which both support and challenge the learning of their peers.