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Curriculum Evening

At West Barns we have had a open evening for the parents to come and look at what we have been learning about. The parents of West Barns enjoyed coming in and seeing what we have been learning about. Everyone was very happy at seeing there parents at school and the children were teaching their parents. Everyone enjoyed it even the parents and overall it was a great day.

Curriculum Evening on PhotoPeach 4

News from Eve and Freya

In P5/6/7 we all made a big display. We split into groups (Renewable and Non-Renewable). We did wind turbines, houses, pylons, under-water wind turbines, pelamis, the sea, a bug dam for hydro power all for Renewable power! For Non-renewable we did houses, pylons, a power station, pipes carrying coal, natural gas and gas. We also did clouds with facts, and a big sun. Mrs. Hay gave all of us a special job to help us all contribute to the challenge. I was a Co-ordinator which meant that I had to keep an eye on the time and make sure that all the jobs were done. Other people were initiators, supply and equipment managers, resource people and mediators.

In p2/3 me, Rhys and Finlay have been learning how to do our doubles.