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Blair and I have been learning about straight angles, right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles. Jasiu and I have understood what an obtuse angle is.So for example an obtuse
Angle is a wider angle than a right angle but less than a straight angle.

dinosaur tig

We played dinosaur tig on Wednesday afternoon in our football taster session. It was like
we went back in time, we had to dodge aliens and rocks in the games. I really liked it. As part
of the game we had to look after an egg and we called ours ‘George from the Jungle.’

What is happening in P4/5 and p5/6/7


In p4/5 we have been writing stories about characters. In our stories there is a villain and a hero that has a power. When we write our stories we have to make them interesting.

Two people came into our classroom from Community Wind power. They talked about Hydro Power (which is water from rivers coming and making electricity.) Wind Turbines, Wave Power. It was very interesting.


Blairs and Jasius setting work

Blair and I have been learning how to write a setting for our imaginary stories. We had to use lots of descriptive language to make it interesting when we use our knowledge when writing our story. Jasiu and I have been learning about how to use adjectives to make our stories interesting for the reader.