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Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber

This week P5/6/7 have been learning about the Debating Chamber in the Scottish Parliament. We went on the computer and typed in a website about the Scottish Parliament, it had lots of facts about all of the Scottish parties. There were also facts about the public gallery and the media gallery. The media gallery is for journalists and reporters. The Parliament has a mace, it represents Scotland having its first Parliament. The Scottish National Party is the biggest party there is in the Scottish Parliament, they sit in the centre of the room because they are the biggest party. There is a Presiding Officer that lets everyone speak and has one of the most important jobs in the Scottish Parliament. There are also helpers who sit next to the Presiding Officer.
By Daniel Stuart & Roan

Scottish parliament

In P5/6/7 we have been learning about the Scottish Parliament and new laws and new rules that the government make in the debating chamber. We have learnt that there are 4 main political parties in the Scottish Parliament. The biggest political party is the Scottish National Party. It has 65 seats and its leader is Alex Salmond. He is the First Minster of Scotland.

By Thomas,Finlay,Cameron

scottish parliament

This week we have been learning about scottish parliament in class. We’ve had a debate about whether school uniform should be banned or not.The majority voted in favour of the ban. If it was a real debate in the scottish parliament then the bill would go to a committee for review. In Ocober we are going to go on a trip to the parliament.

By Ben and Jack.

Lord Of The Flies

In P5/6/7 we have been reading Lord of the Flies. The book is about a plane crash on a desert island. The two main characters are Ralph and Piggy, They find an conch and blow into it to see if anyone else is on the island. After a while they make a fire on the mountain. When everybody on the island is gathered Ralph and Simon start to make wooden huts on the island. Jack and his choir start to hunt and turn into murderous savages.

By Olivia, Lochie and Declan

Time Masters in P5/6/7

In P5/6/7 we have been working in groups to learn different ways to tell the time. We have been learning about how to tell the time in 24 hour format and 12 hour format. In one of the groups they have been learning about digital time and 12 hour time and sometimes the whole class gets to play time games together.

By Mya, Daena and Sophie

P6/7 Textile Project

P6/7 have been doing a textile project based on kandinsky circle art. We used different colours of felt and thread. We then put them on a square piece of felt and stiched them together. So far it looks really cool. 🙂