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Merry Christmas Everyone

Thanks to all the parents and families who came to be a part of our Christmas service. The pupils had been working hard to learn lots of songs, and preparing special performances with boom-whackers (P4/5) and ukuleles (P5-7). Our school brass band has reformed and made a debut performance in our assembly – we are looking forward to more performances in the future! We hope you enjoyed our assembly and that you have a relaxing Christmas holiday so that you can come back to school raring to go in 2015!

Christmas Assembly 2014 on PhotoPeach

Christmas Nativity

It’s been quite a busy week at West Barns and as many of you will know, our P1-3 pupils took to the stage to perform the nativity story. They had been working really hard to learn their lines over the last few weeks and all the hard-work certainly paid off, as I’m sure many of you will agree.

More photos to come but here’s one just for now.


Goodbye to Jingyi

This week our Primary 1 pupils, parents and staff held a small celebration to say goodbye to Jingyi Peng our Chinese student.  We have really enjoyed having her in the school and wish her all the best for her future.2014-07-03

What a wonderful Show!

Our Primary 4-7 pupils performed an amazing version of Cinderella Rockafella this week. The school is so proud of them.  Thanks to the staff and parents who made this possible and thank you for the donation of £96.69 that will be used to buy resources for outdoor learning.

Look at our wonderful pictures of the show…

Cinderella Rockafella 2014 2014-07-011 2014-07-012 2014-07-013 2014-07-014 2014-07-015 2014-07-016 2014-07-017 2014-07-018


Pop Art

Pop Art on PhotoPeach

In golden time today P1-4 worked on their own and in groups to create fantastic abstract eye art! We developed drawing and painting skills such as blending oil pastels and mixing tints and tones of paint and experimented with the wax resist technique. We enjoyed painting and singing to our favourite pop tunes and some break dancing (from the boys) in the last 5 minutes! Check out our creative little artists and our dance moves too!!!

P2/3s Slideshow Showcase

Yesterday, in ICT, P2/3 worked with a partner to create a slideshow on their chosen learning from last term or this term. We enjoyed using photopeach to copy, paste and organise our photos into a slideshow. We also thought of our own title and added music. Some of us then reflected on our learning and added comments.

Gymnastics Festival by Jasiu and Tommy.
We went to Dunbar Grammar School for a gymnastics festival and we also practiced some gymnastics at our school. We learnt to balance, jump and land using different equipment. There were jump stations, balancing stations and running stations. I think everyone enjoyed it!

Trip to John Gray Center by Poppy and Allister.
We worked in groups and with our writing buddies to explore and measure different objects, read information and write down ideas for the different quizzes. I liked going to the centre to find out different things about history and objects.

Forces Friction Experiment by Chris and Oscar.
We made up an experiment to test friction on different surfaces. We worked in groups inside and outside. We used measuring skills learnt in maths to measure how far the 2p coin had travelled. The 2p travelled the furthest on the table so it has the smoothest surface and has the least amount of friction. The 2p travelled the least on the rough surfaces which had the most amount of friction. It was fun!

Writing Instructions for Making a Mummy by Caley and Blair.
Last week we learnt about how the Egyptians made a mummy. In drama we acted out making a mummy with salt and bandages. In reading we answered questions about making a mummy by reading and highlighting key words in bits from non-fiction books. This helped us to learn more to write detailed instructions for making a mummy. We worked with our writing buddies. I liked it when Mrs McCaw read us Horrid Henry and the Mummy Curse.

P2/3 Story Writing Through Drama

Last term and this term we have been throwing ourselves into the wonderful world of story writing! Shonagh Davidson, a drama teacher from East Lothian Arts Services, visited us to deliver a drama workshop on fairy tales. We built on drama skills from the workshop to help us write a Celtic fairy tale and a Roman warrior story. We enjoyed using the Roman and Celtic weapons and shields that we had made when acting out our story ideas!

Story Writing Through Drama on PhotoPeach

This term we have chosen to study Jeremy Strong’s science fiction novel ‘Krazy Cow Saves the World’ as our class story. During the second week of term we chose a character in the story and developed the character in the same style as the author. We were amazed at the amount of adjectives and fantastic wow words we were able to think of when working with our writing buddies! During the third week of term we chose a really funny part of the story to stop at and then continued the story on in the same style as the author. Last week we wrote a letter to Jeremy Strong to ask if he could give us feedback on our story writing. Well done Lucy Townshend and Ryan Dunn for being voted writing stars of the week and getting your excellent letters on the wall of success!!