Supporting transitions for current pupils

Transitions are the moves that children and young people make from stage to stage in their education, for example starting school, moving from one school to another, or leaving school. Education Scotland

All children have taken part in transition activities to support the move into the next academic session. Where possible class teachers have been able to meet children from their next class and we are grateful to Mrs Whiteley-McPhee who returns to the school in August and to Miss McGinn and Mrs Paton who will join the school in August for their time either in visiting the school or in meeting the children virtually.

As a school we recognise that our transition preparations have needed to look a little different this year and so have prepared a social story for every child in the school.

P12 2021/22

P23 2122 transition

P45 2021/22 transition

P56 2122 transition

P67 2122 transition