Dunbar Primary School Parent Council Sci-Fest Invite

Dunbar Primary School  Parent Council invite you and your school’s parents to a social evening at the Rocks Hotel.

Wednesday 18th May  7.30pm

A celebration of the 2011 SciFest and welcoming your involvement for 2012

Following the wonderful success of Dunbar Parent Council Science Festival, we would like to invite all interested parties from our cluster schools’ to join us for an evening of drinks and hospitality at the Rocks Hotel.  Ideally this would include your Parent Council chair person as well as others from your Parent Forum who have something to offer.  We know there are many parents in our community with a wide range of experience they could bring to make next year’s event just as successful but bigger!

We were so delighted with the response of the whole community that we have already started making plans for the 2012 event.  There are lots of exciting opportunities and we want to welcome parents from the cluster to join us with the development of the 2012 event.

Science Club

We would also like to start a monthly science club in Dunbar and will be looking for helpers to set this up.  Obviously we will need people with skills other than a science base; e.g. administrative, manpower for the running of the club, etc.  If you know of anyone who may like to be involved in any way do contact us.





if you haven’t yet looked at our web-site, find out more about Scifest activities and plans at www.dunbarscifest.org.uk

Annie Beatty (Dunbar Primary PC Chair)                                      April 2011