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As part of the reform of the planning system in Scotland, planning authorities are being urged to engage with all groups at the earliest opportunity in the preparation of the development plans for their areas. This communication is to raise your awareness of our intentions to start shortly on the preparation of the East Lothian Local Development Plan,


ELLDPone. This will be a new land-use plan that will eventually replace the existing East Lothian Local Plan 2008. Further details of the plan, how and when it will be prepared and how you will be able to get involved are included in the attached paper.


The main focus of our consultation will be later this year. At this stage we are simply letting you know of our intentions. However, we are quite happy for you to draw to our attention now any planning issues that you think need to be addressed in the new plan, including what aspirations you might have for the way the area might develop over the next ten years or so.


The attached paper gives details of contact addresses where you can submit comments or find out about progress on the East Lothian Local Development Plan.




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