New Qualifications – Support for Parents and Carers

News from Education Scotland about new qualifications

December 5, 2011


New Qualifications –
Support for Parents and Carers

Have you seenthe new parent and carersection of the SQA website?

It has a range of resources, including our new parent and carer leaflet, to help parents and
carers to understand the changes to national qualifications.  Their Mythbustervideos answer some of the most common

They have a jargon buster to help explain the terms they are using while developing the qualifications.  SQA also have a chart which tells you what qualifications young people will study depending on the school year they are in now.

SQA are publishing draft documents on their website for feedback as they are developing the new qualifications.

They have now published draft Course Assessment Specifications for National 5. These documents give more detail about how each National
5 Course will be assessed and define the mandatory assessment requirements.

The documents are quite technical and are aimed at teachers and education specialists but SQA also welcome feedback from parents.  You can give SQA your comments via Have Your Say –

We have also recently published draft Unit Specifications for Higher.
You can find out more about these documents on SQA website.
Feedback on the latest documents can be given until 31 January 2012.

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