Curriculum for Excellence – latest information

Curriculum for Excellence – latest information

Lorraine Sanda, the National Parental Involvement Coordinator at Scottish Government, has circulated the following links to the latest information about the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE).  – New short films on the CfE which illustrate in learners’ , parents’, and teachers’ own words the impact that CfE is having across the country.

The films contribute to the  Cabinet Secretary’s CfE Action Plan 2011/12  developed in co-operation with  the National Parent Forum of Scotland

Home to School Problems-Contacts for Parents

Home to school transport problems – contact information

Any problem with home to school transport must be reported on the day of the occurrence to allow investigation and circumstances to be clear.

Please use the following means of registering any problem; do not phone the company direct.  The main contact is Andrew Mclellan Transport Officer 01620 827700 or email

Some other contacts are:   01620 827303  –  Alan Kelley;  01620 827660  –  David Kerr;   01620 827367 –  Adele King;      01620 827737  –  Diana Budziosz.