West Barns Meets ‘The Ridge’

The School and Parent Council met with ‘The Ridge’ recently with a view to work in partnership with them over the course of the next year.
‘The Ridge’ are a social enterprise group working out of Dunbar.  All profits are ploughed back into the business for the good of the community.  The Ridge primarily focus on training and education to benefit the local community.
After assessing what services The Ridge provide, we agreed the focus for West Barns would be ‘further development of the outdoor space’ and the use of The Ridge’s resources to find funding to this end.
An example of how we may work with The Ridge would be to carry-forward Mrs Hay’s idea of installing raised beds in the vegetable patch.  The Ridge could use their personnel to source and secure funding and provide a skilled woodsman to work with the children and parents to build the raised beds.
There are also smaller scale projects which could benefit the school and children, such as planting wild flowers with the children next spring or creating a willow sculpture in the school grounds. The PC will have a supporting role to play in some of these projects.
Mrs Whitford is currently compiling a wish list of suggestions  and a further meeting will take place in November.