Dunbar Molecule Hunt 2014

Dunbar SciFest 2014 and the Dunbar Traders Association are delighted to announce that the 2014 Dunbar Molecule Hunt has begun. 17 mystery molecules are now on display within 17 Dunbar businesses. Pupils will have brought their own copy of the Dunbar Molecule Hunt 2014 leaflet home last week in their school bags.

We hope that you can find time within the next 4 weeks to visit each participating business, find their model and work out which molecule it is. Rise to the Molecular Challenge – find what molecules are made off.


Please hand in your completed entry form by 5pm Saturday 22 March to Dunbar PS and Belhaven Smokehouse OR on Saturday 22 at Dunbar SciFest. The winning entries will be drawn at 4.30pm on Sunday 23 March at Dunbar SciFest.

The 3 winners will receive:

  • ·         A MolyMod Kit, donated by Philip Spring of MolyMod and
  • ·         A Dunbar Traders Association Hamper, containing goodies from the 17 participating businesses. Each hamper will contain a mix of goodies, such as a bike computer; ‘breathable shoes’; a swim fin; a water clock, or T-shirts.

Get going, get hunting…. get molecular!

Parentzone – supporting numeracy at home – ideas for parents and carers

On the Parentzone website last month we launched a new series of materials to support numeracy at home. The first materials in the series were on Measurement and Money.Now we have published two further sets of materials in this series. They include ideas for building Numbers and Mental Calculation into everyday activities, applicable to early level right through to fourth level.