Football practice – can you help?

Football Practice

Mr Gray is delighted with the number of children who have signed up for football coaching after school on a Tuesday.  We now have about one third of our school involved in this activity and Mr Gray works hard in training pupils at all levels and organising matches for the team to participate in.

Football coaching at West Barns is run by a parent on a voluntary basis and now that so many children want to be involved Mr Gray needs extra support to ensure that all this coaching remains open to all pupils. 

 Can you help??  We need one or two volunteers to come along and support Mr Gray.  You don’t have to be an expert on football or need to demonstrate the finer details of the ‘off side rule’.  We just need a couple of extra people who can take a drill or watching a game from 3.45pm to 4.45pm on Tuesday nights here at West Barns Primary School.

It would be a shame if we had to limit numbers to older pupils only, but this may be our only option if we are not able to find some extra support for our wonderful coach.  If you are interested please contact Steven directly or the school for further details.