Getting involved with West Barns PC

Whether you are new to West Barns Primary School, or simply feel it is time to get a bit more involved in the work of the school, then please feel free to do so.  There are various ways you can get more involved:

  • Visit our Facebook page to see more about the every day activities of the PC.
  • Come along to one of our Parent Council meetings.  All parents and carers are welcome to attend.  The dates for this session can be found on the website.
  • Contact our Chair on
  • Speak to one of our many members at the school gates.  We are a friendly bunch and more than happy to help parents and carers if we can.

We would love to involve as many parents and carers as we can in the work of the Parent Council, whether its baking for a coffee morning or helping out with the paired reading programme, there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved.



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