Christmas Cards designed by your child

We hope you and your friends and family have all enjoyed sending and receiving the Christmas Cards :-). We managed to raise over £140 for the school. Thank you!

Update  02/12/20: The Christmas Card design orders are now back with the supplier who is processing our final order.  All your fantastic cards, tags, mugs, gift bags and tea towels will be returned to the school and handed out shortly.  Thank you all for taking part.

Update  12/11/20: The Christmas Card designs are now being turned into sample cards which should be back with you in the next 7 – 10 days. You can then decide what items you might like to purchase.

Each child should have received a brown A4 envelope containing the template and instructions. Don’t worry if it didn’t make it home, the template is  here and you just need to return it to school by Monday 9th November. 

In 7 -1 0 days you will then receive a sample card and you can order cards, tea towels and all sorts of fantastic items with your child’s drawing on it.

Please use materials which show up e.g. felt pens, firm pencil / crayon and don’t stick anything on it!

Have fun!

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