LTS Consolarium Conference in Dundee Saturday 19th March

I am writing to make you aware of and to ask if you could help promote The National Game Based Learning conference that the team at the Consolarium has organised. We have partnered with JISC to expand their Game to Learn conference that ran last year and we have taken ownership of the Saturday programme. The programme offers teacher led seminars on gbl and game design as well as hands on CPD in the afternoon. Have a look at what is on offer:

The day is free to delegates and promises to be quite an inspiring day. It will be one that offers teachers the chance to develop their own skill-set in the use of games to support CfE and to begin to develop their games design skills. Your support in promoting this event via your local authority contacts would be greatly appreciated.

It would also be great to see you at the event. Hoping that you can help.
Best regards,

Derek P Robertson
National Adviser for Emerging Technologies and Learning
Learning and Teaching Scotland