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If you are aware of any English teacher who you think might be interested in this, please send it on.  Unfortunately, the deadline for applications is next Friday, 18th February, so it would need to be sent on today or tomorrow. – Mary Howie

This email was sent on behalf of Yvonne Gerrard – Literacy Team Leader at LTS

We are supporting our partners at the Scottish Book Trust by issuing the attached letter to our literacy contacts in local authorities. They are looking for nominations of secondary English teachers who would be willing to take part in a research project. The letter gives you full details. Please address any queries to Colm Linnane at the Book Trust (email and phone number in letter.)

Yvonne Gerrard, Literacy Team Leader

T: + 44 (0)141 282 5060

Learning and Teaching Scotland

Scottish Book Trust

55 High Street



To Education Authority literacy contacts

Dear colleague

ReadIT Research

I am contacting you because I would appreciate your help in identifying 2 secondary English teachers from your authority to take part in the above research.

What is the research?

ReadIT is a new Comenius (European Union Lifelong Learning Programme – funded research project which seeks to develop teachers’ skills and practice through the inclusion of ICT tools and digital storytelling techniques in classroom practice, specifically to produce book trailers to promote engagement with reading and writing.

ReadIT is being delivered by partners in five European countries: Italy, Romania, Turkey, Denmark and Scotland. The project is being led by Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi. In Scotland the ReadIT partner is Scottish Book Trust.

The first phase of the project is to conduct research with teachers and students to understand current experience and expectations around ICT, digital storytelling and engagement with reading and writing.

In order to fully understand the current context we would like to conduct research with 2 teachers in your authority to gather their views, experience and needs around these issues.

The first part of the research will involve an online questionnaire for teaching staff, which we would ask them to complete by the 25th March 2011.

In order to conduct research with pupils, teachers will be asked to self-select in order to carry out a piece of action research. This will involve an online preparation session, and will require to be completed by 25th May 2011.

What we would like you to do

We appreciate that staff time is in great demand and that there is a full school calendar, so the researchers aim to minimize the level of involvement and would appreciate you help to identify 2 teachers within your authority to participate.

If you are able to help, please email by the 18th February 2011 with the names, schools and email contact details of the teachers from your authority who have agreed to take part.

Participating teachers should:

• Teach English and have responsibility for supporting pupils’ engagement with reading and writing.

• Teach young people between the ages of 13 and 18

• Be representative of the teaching body in your area – i.e. offer a range of career stages, ages, genders.

• Represent a range of confidence, experience and skills in using ICT in the classroom.

How will the research be used?

The resulting report from this research will be shared with all participants, and will be used to inform the next phases of the ReadIT research, which will deliver a training course to teachers in the use of digital storytelling and the making of book trailers, which participating teachers will then put into practice in their classrooms. All information from participants will be made anonymous in the report. The data will be analysed and the report will be written by the Scottish partners in ReadIT, Scottish Book Trust. The data may also be used for academic publications.

Teachers who participate in this initial research phase can choose whether to continue to participate in the training and classroom phases.

None of the research team will consult directly with school pupils at this stage of the project. The research will be undertaken in line with the ethics guidelines provided by Scotland Scottish Educational Research Association

Please contact Scottish Book Trust at with the names and contact details of the 2 teachers from your authority who will be participating in the research.

If you have any concerns about the research or if you would like further information about the research process, please contact Colm Linnane, Acting Learning Manager at Scottish Book Trust on 0131 524 0160 or at

Thank you for considering this request.

Yours sincerely

The Scottish Book Trust

Scottish Book Trust

55 High Street



0131 524 0160

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David Gilmour

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Just a quick note to say that while the official deadline is the 18th of February, we would very much appreciate participation from a couple of East Lothian teachers – so please don’t worry if you can’t find a participants until next week – still get in touch anyway!

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