New “Building Glow Communities” Event

You’re keen to learn more about how Glow can support your practice, and what others are doing with it.  Maybe you’ve got some ideas you’d like to explore. You don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and going “under the bonnet” of Glow Groups and Web Parts. (Ideally, you’ve already had a play with customising Glow with web parts.) But you know this will take time, and there wouldn’t be enough staff in your school interested to justify taking up in-service time in your school. Sound familiar?

This event, just announced by the Glow Team, could be just what you need. We’ve found before that, by allowing staff to immerse themselves in Glow for 2 days, it has enabled them to quickly get much further up the learning curve than is normally possible in school. It’s also a good way to find out what’s being done elsewhere, and make some new contacts.

A new Building Glow Communities Event is being held at Stirling Management Centre on the 30 and 31 March.

We would appreciate it if you could pass on this information to anyone who you think would be interested in attending.

Building Glow Community Event 30 & 31 March – An opportunity to create and develop resources, in Glow, to support learning and teaching.

This event will look at the potential of Glow to support a variety of classroom initiatives e.g. transition, interdisciplinary learning, recording achievement and sharing success, etc. This will be a practical event with support from the National Glow team and the opportunity to work with colleagues across local authorities and sectors.

The course is residential at Stirling University Management Centre. All accommodation costs and travelling expenses to Stirling will be met by Learning and Teaching Scotland. Supply cover will be the responsibility of attendee’s school.


  • Open to all teaching staff
  • All sectors
  • Glow user

To sign up visit the Building Glow Communities Glow group:

By David Gilmour

Learning Technologist East Lothian Council