Consultation with young people on body image

Dear Colleagues

The Young Scot/NHS Health Scotland Young People’s Health Panel are carrying out a consultation with young people on body image. They would like to find out if young people in Scotland are under pressure to look a certain way and what influence magazines and film/TV have on young people’s body image.
If you know or are working with any young people who would be interested in giving their views, they can log on to Young Scot Says Who to take part in the consultation:

If you would like to find out more about the consultation, or would like paper copies of the survey questions please contact Lorna from Young Scot at

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By Caroline Davis

Working for East Lothian Council supporting Dialogue Youth whic is a project that looks to support and to actively engage with children and young people so that they can contribute positively to, and inform, Children’s Services Planning, Community Planning and the Council’s strategy for youth: Youth Vision. This can be done on-line or with films, podcasts, the arts, music and events, or through the Youth Council. A major output from the project is the resource/research base in Musselburgh, which is used by young people to develop their IT skills and to access relevant information. Links with youth forums and pupil councils ensure that young people are fully involved in the youth services in their community.