The Friends of Cuthill Park invite you to…

The Friends of Cuthill Park invite you to join in The Big Lunch – an outdoor picnic in the company of friends, neighbours and community groups.

Last year over two hundred people picnicked, partied and played together in Cuthill Park, Prestongrange Road. This year, the Big Lunch takes place on Sunday 5 June from 12-2 and coincides with MuralFest.

If you would like to join in the fun, simply turn up with your picnic and something to sit on. You might want to bring something to entertain yourself and others – we leave it up to you whether that is a frisbee or a banjo.

You are very welcome to use the Big Lunch as an opportunity to tell the folk of Prestonpans a bit more about your organisation – the emphasis of the event is FREE, COMMUNITY and the ENVIRONMENT.

Updates about the Big Lunch and other events in the park can be seen on our blog: or email for further information.