Please have a look at the information Jacqueline…

Please have a look at the information Jacqueline Leslie has provided

Dear Colleague

You will shortly receive a free Fairtrade Toolkit which supports schools to attain Fairtrade Status. I would encourage to give the contents serious consideration when thinking about school development work next session, it could be taken on as a whole school priority or taken forward by an individual member of staff who is looking for a opportunity to demonstrate/develop leadership skills. The pack contains advice and support on a range of activities which will support pupil entitlements associated with CFE.

There is a second initiative- the SFTF schools mailing list. They send out news and information and share ideas with anyone who signs up for the schools mailing list. If any school wishes to be added they should contact

There is also a lot of information on the schools section of the sftf website:

Could those school who working towards Fairtrade status identify themselves to me, I know that 2 have already achieved it?

If you require further support , Jacqueline Leslie’s contact details are below
Jacqueline Leslie
Projects Officer
Economic Development
East Lothian Council
John Muir House
EH41 3HA
 01620 827829

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