The Princess Royal Trust for Carers the UK’s…

The Princess Royal Trust for Carers (the UK’s biggest provider of support services to unpaid carers and young carers) will be launching new resources in the very near future to help primary school teachers identify and support young carers, a project funded and supported by the Scottish Government. One resource is an online toolkit, and another is the introduction of two cartoon figures who are young carers, Eryc and Trayc.

We are very keen that all primary schools in Scotland are aware of these resources, and we would like to make them available on the GLOW website, as well as on our own national young carers’ website,

Three primary schools have already taken part in a competition to determine the initial design of the cartoon characters. We will be doing local press releases in these areas to celebrate the winners, and to raise general awareness of the issues faced by young carers.

We propose to send a letter to every primary school to inform them of the campaign and probable timescales.