Scottish Youth Theatre: CfE-based Workshops for Your Nursery

Curriculum for Excellence – Nursery

Scottish Youth Theatre’s house style of highly interactive, exciting, young person centred theatre activities are enjoyed nationally throughout Scotland.

The workshops encourage a motivation for learning, instil openness to new thinking and ideas by promoting independent thinking. All participants will develop and communicate their own beliefs and views of the world; work in partnership and teams; develop their own ideas; and solve problems creatively.

Nursery Storytime (1hr)

Descriptor: Choose from one of the classic tales and let your class experience the story through lively, fast paced games, action rhymes and role play.

Sleeping Beauty, The Ugly Duckling, The Princess and The Pea, Little Red Riding Hood , The Frog Prince and The Enormous Turnip

Curriculum level: Early

Experience: ‘Inspired by a range of stimuli , I can express and communicate my ideas, thoughts and feelings through drama’


Friendship (1hr)

Descriptor: What is an ideal friend? What do you do when you fall out with your friend? Let’s think about how to solve friendship problems.

Curriculum level: Early

Experience: ‘I use drama to explore real and imaginary situations, helping me to understand my world’.


The Magic Key (1hr)

Descriptor: Look at the key?, look at the message and join in the story adventure. Celebrating the power of young peoples imagination the pupils will prepare for an exciting adventure in which they need to be problem solvers along the way. Who will they meet?, Where will they go?, How can they help make a happily ever after?

Curriculum level: Early

Experience: ‘I have the freedom to choose and explore how I can use my voice, movement and expression in role play and drama’

‘It was excellent…the tutor was fantastic – really loved the experience had a great time’ – Teacher, Broomloan Nursery, Glasgow

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, felt enthusiastic about using ideas in the nursery’ – Teacher, Milton Community Nursery, Glasgow

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