Primary and junior schools are invited to enter…

Primary and junior schools are invited to enter the Make it Happy competition with this year’s theme being ‘Make it Healthy’.

The aim is to reward the innovative and creative use of IT to link schools with other members of their community. The projects could reflect an interest in physical health, or emotional and mental wellbeing.

They could be confined to pupils and teachers, or they could involve parents and carers. They could even go out to the community – locally, nationally or internationally, perhaps via passing on information or by connecting with healthcare facilities.

There will be 9 regional winners across England and one winner from each of: Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales each receiving a prize of £1200. Each of these winners will be invited to a special day in London, including a trip on the London Eye, a tour of the Houses of Parliament and a special awards ceremony and tea with MPs and Peers in the Members’ Dining Room. In addition there will be overall first, second and third prizes selected from the 12 winners who will receive the following cash prizes: 1st prize – £4000; 2nd prize – £2500; and 3rd prize – £1500. The closing date for the competition is the 8th April 2012.