S6 Outdoor Learning Challenge Friday 7.12.12

The final Outdoor Learning Challenge of this season is on Friday the 7th December 2012. So far this year, teams from Knox Academy have been successful in bringing home the trophies for all the events. Congratulations to Knox and to all school teams for their amazing efforts so far . The S6 challenge will be your school’s opportunity to prevent a Knox 2012 Grand Slam!

A mixture of problem solving, navigation and outdoor adventure this years event is at Yellowcraig at 1000-1500 on the 7th December. Get your S6 teams entered for this crucial event now. Email wstephen@eastlothian.gov.uk to enter or call the  Outdoor Learning Service  0131 653 5217

For info on all challenges and the amazing Outdoor Learning opportunities to enhance learning and the CfE visit the Outdoor Learning Service webpage.



By Bill Stephen

I am an Outdoor Education Teacher. I work for the East Lothian Outdoor Education Service.