Free Solar Panels for Schools

British Gas has announced that up to 200 free solar panel systems are available to schools.  The Solar Panels will not only generate electricity for the winning schools, but will also help cut their carbon footprint.  The Schools can use the solar panels to generate their own free electricity,  the Solar Panels will help schools meet their carbon reduction targets, reducing emissions by up to 1,400 tonnes per year (equivalent to taking almost 400 cars off the road); and cutting down on energy costs bring sustainability to life and is a valuable lesson for pupils, teachers and parents on how greener energy can help the environment.

To enter, schoolsneed to register by sending an email to, detailing the school?s Name, Address, Telephone Number and the name of the main school contact; or they can call on 0800 980 9038. British Gas will then get back in touch to let the school know how to apply.

Deadline: 4th March 2013