GoMotorsport is a branch of the Motor Sports Association, the governing body of motorsports in the UK.  Scotland’s Regional Development Officer, Alison Clark, is now taking bookings for school visits for the 2013-14 term.

The presentation is aimed at P4 upwards, and includes:

  • An introduction to motorsport
  • Scotland’s successes
  • What disciplines children age 8+ can participate in
  • The differences between a rally car and family car
  • Construction and design: the effect of weight on performance
  • Safety
  • The opportunity to sit in and examine a rally car

 This will last for at least an hour.

If your school is planning to include Transport or Cars as a topic next year, this is a perfect tie-in.  This is a free service.  Alison will also provide the pupils with a token goodie-bag.

Alison Clark can be contacted on scotland@gomotorsport.net, or telephone 01576 202953 (h) and 07950 914433