These tournaments are massively popular because everyone in the school can take part and everyone wins prizes. The best players can then go through to the area MEGAFINAL and, skills permitting, to the NORTH/SOUTH GIGAFINAL and NATIONAL TERAFINAL!

In its first stage, the tournament is played once a week in school, either during a lunch break or in an after-school session. There is no travelling involved. Seven rounds are played, starting in the spring term, during which time children win badges, spots, mascots and other prizes. Rules of the tournament (given overleaf) have been kept simple, so that a teacher with only a basic knowledge of chess should be able to run it! All ages can take part and the qualifiers for the Megafinals are the top scorers in the tournament, plus leading girls and boys in 12 separate age groups from under 7 up to under 18

Full details and application form are here.