ComputerXplorers Summer Workshops

Be creative and have fun this summer.  We are running a number of workshops this summer as part of East Lothian Summer Activity Programme.  To book any of the workshops below call East Lothian Council on 01620 820123 or register via their website.

Cartoon Creation

Create your own world of monsters and aliens in this great new animation workshop. Find out how easy it is to cfreate your own unique characters, use speech bubbles or record your own audio track to tell their story. Family and friends will then be able to view your completed cartoon on our Video Gallery. This programme has bags of “smile factor” – come and join the fun!

Dunbar Bleachingfield – 21st July – 1 – 5pm – Age 6 – 9

3D Modelling

Learn how to build amazing 3D models of your own design from mansions and castles to race tracks and skate parks,,,even your very own primary school! Using Google Earth transport your own house or school into the software to add your own special features.  How about a swimming pool in your back garden?

Dunbar Bleachingfield – 22nd July 1- 5pm – Age 9 – 13

Talking Heads – Facial Animation

Imagine being able to animate James Bond or Simon Cowell, make a monkey..even a potato talk or transform a photograph of yourself into a talking puppet! Well now you can with ComputerXplorers.  We will teach you the techniques you need to make any image come alive and produce your very own animation which can then be viewed by family and friends

 Haddington Town Hall – 28th July 1 – 5pm – Age 9 – 13

Lego Animation

Stop-motion animation is one of the simplest and most fun animation techniques.  Combine this with LEGO and you have a winning combination for young film-makers.  A fantastic way to bring your favourite LEGO creations to life.

We will teach you the techniques you need to become a magical movie producers and produce your very own animation which can be viewed by family and friends.  Watch out Wallace and Gromit here comes ComputerXplorers!

 Haddington Town Hall – 29th July 10 – 4pm – Age 6 – 9 

Musselburgh Brunton – 5th August 9 – 3pm – Age 9 – 13 

Minecraft Workshop

Minecraft is a game that allows you to manipulate the immersive 3D world around you and create anything that your imagination can conjure.  Explore Minecraft with our specially designed Minecraft resoure as we follow the story of a castaway washed up on the shores of a strange land.  Players must “mine”, “craft” and “create” their way from castaway to king. Children must have some knowledge of Minecraft

Musselburgh Brunton – 4th August 1 – 5pm – Age 9 – 13 – SOLD OUT

Additional Workshop due to demand

Musselburgh Brunton – 6th August 1 – 5pm – Age 9 – 13 

Parent and Child Sessions for PreSchoolers – Under the Microscope

Become a modern day explorer as we discover some really cool objects under the microscope! From bugs and beasties to snake skin and animal hair! Take photographs and then add your own touches using special effects programs on the computer in this fun packed workshop for preschoolers and parents.

Haddington Town Hall – 28th July 11.15 – 12am – Age 3 – 5

Musselburgh Brunton – 4th August 11.15 – 12am – Age 3 – 5