Creative Conversation

Creative Conversation

The first of the 2013/14 Creative Conversations will be on Monday 8th September at 4 for 4.30 till 5.30 with wine and canapes afterwards (venue to follow with confirmation of attendance). Our first Creative Catalyst this session is Hywel Roberts.

This Creative Conversation is titled Fly Me to the Moon and through conversation with Hywel, it will be a chance to realise that the sky is not the limit and that anything is possible. He was recently described as ‘a world leader in enthusiasm’.

Hywel Roberts, is also described as the king of ‘Imagineering’ and  is one of the most entertaining and practical speakers you are ever likely to hear, His bookOops! Getting Children to Learn Accidentally’really captures that. It is amusing, dynamic and full of helpful ideas, strategies and tools. He has worked with a number of schools and local authorities to improve performance and is widely respected for his achievements. All of his success is based on creative and imaginative approaches and a real belief that while learners should be successful, they should also love learning.

You can get a full biography at, but the main thing you need to know

There will certainly be laughter. There may be singing. It is absolutely guaranteed that there will be animated conversation and lots of learning.

To find out more clikc here…………..Creative Conversation Invitation – Hywel Roberts