Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh Photography Competition 2015

Organised by the Friends of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

imagesCAHBDHA4Are delighted to announce that the Photography Competition has returned for 2015. Over the last few years we have received an astounding variety of images that have portrayed the wonderful views to be seen in the Gardens, the many different plants that contribute to the overall beauty of those views and the insects that exist, largely unseen, in remarkable worlds of their own, right under our eyes. Once again we’re calling on you to take your cameras and seek out the most striking images you can find to help us capture the beauty of our treasured Gardens. This year we’ve also added a new category to showcase the wide variety of flora that can be found throughout Scotland; Scotland’s Flora.

The competition will open on Sunday 1 February and will run until Tuesday 30 September 2014.

The entry form can be opened using the link below. You will need a programme that can open PDF files which are widely available to download for free.

For further information:-

All funds raised will be used to support the Garden’s world class research and conservation work.