EducationHUB – Pilot gtcs project

THe GTCS are piloting a project called EducationHUB.

EducationHUB provides a platform for teachers to read, review and share practitioner enquiry and teacher-led research projects. EducationHUB currently has 300 users and hosts a variety of articles related to different aspects of learning and teaching. It aims to build a community of teachers who are willing to share their work and/or engage in online professional dialogue with other teachers across Scotland.

There has been some amazing work taking place in local authorities throughout Scotland related to career-long professional learning and practitioner enquiry, such as probationer projects, teachers working towards post-graduate qualifications and school-based projects. EducationHUB provides an excellent opportunity for these teachers to showcase their work and to contribute to the professional learning of others.

GTCS are appealing to professional learning and practitioner enquiry co-ordinators in local authorities to publicise EducationHUB and in particular to encourage individual teachers who have produced particularly high quality practitioner enquiries or teacher-led research to share their work with others.

EducationHUB can be accessed through the Research Portal of MyGTCS or alternatively can be accessed at:

If you require any additional information or advice regarding the educationHUB project please contact Colin Dorman, Projecto Co-ordinator:


Twitter: @edhubScotland