School-based staff wanted to participate in COVID-19 survey

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Public Health Scotland is asking school-based staff to take part in an ongoing survey as part of its COVID-19 monitoring.

The COVID-19 Antibody Survey in education Staff (CASS) is open to all adults working in a school or early learning & childcare setting in Scotland.

CASS helps to identify the proportion of people working in an education setting in Scotland who have already had coronavirus by testing for antibodies in their blood. Survey results help inform and strengthen the ongoing pandemic response.

CASS started in autumn 2020 and is still ongoing. It’s not too late to take part. Use this button to take part in the Public Health Scotland survey and find out more, including the most recent reports on survey results.

Signing up for the survey

Any member of staff working in an educational setting can register their interest in participating. Staff who are selected to join the survey will be sent a home testing kit, which requires them to take a small finger-prick blood sample. This is then returned by post to the laboratory for testing. The results are returned to staff and are analysed by us to improve our understanding of COVID-19 in this group.

You will require the registration key: 478416

By David Gilmour

Learning Technologist East Lothian Council