Consultation on East Lothian Carers Strategy 2022-25

Could you spare a few moments to take part in this online consultation for the new draft East Lothian Carers’ Strategy?

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The draft East Lothian Carers Strategy describes our intention for development of support services for carers across East Lothian. It sets out the way in which services will be developed over the lifetime of the strategy and how we intend to deliver the outcomes that carers say are important to them. We recognise that without the continued support of carers we cannot deliver our key priorities of:

• delivering more care closer to home

• developing stronger, more resilient, supportive and inclusive communities with a focus on prevention

• supporting people to live healthier, more active and independent lives.

The strategy focuses on seven outcomes that have been developed in consultation with carers:

• Carers are identified and can access support

• Carers are well informed and have access to tailored and age appropriate information and advice throughout their caring journey

• Carers are supported to maintain their own physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

• Breaks from caring are timely and regularly available

• Carers can achieve a balance between caring and other aspects of their lives and are supported to have a life outside their caring role

• Carers and Young Carers are respected by professionals as partners in care and are appropriately included in the planning and delivery of both the care and support for the people they care for and services locally

• Local Communities are supported to be carer friendly

You can find the strategy and the consultation at
East Lothian Carers Strategy 2022-25 – East Lothian Council – Citizen Space (

As unpaid caring is something that impacts on almost all of us at some stage in our life, we would really welcome your thoughts and views, either as individuals or on behalf of an organisation or group. I would also be really grateful if you could share the consultation through your networks.

The survey closes on the 26th February.

Thank you very much for your time and help with this.

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By David Gilmour

Learning Technologist East Lothian Council