Scottish Engineering Challenge







A Schools Competition

sponsored by

The Weir Group PLC


Prizes worth £8,500

 Open to S2 pupils from ALL Scottish Secondary Schools  

Submission to be based on the title:

“The Importance of Engineering to Scotland”


One entry per school, the number of participating pupils to be decided by each school. 

2012-13 Comp – flyer Scottish Engineering Challange


Please send your written report to:    

Mr Bryan Buchan

Chief Executive

Scottish Engineering

105 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1QL


Closing date:    Friday 22nd March 2013







Taking an Enterprise perspective outline your idea for a Curriculum for Excellence informed resource about an aspect of Traveller life (it could be Gypsy/Traveller, Showtraveller, New Traveller or Roma – depending on your area of interest in Traveller cultures/identities).
Your aim is to produce a starter pack of information (any format) + plans that link materials to Curriculum for Excellence – experiences and outcomes – and possible further activities.

Important to develop content – and link to Curriculum for Excellence. Background reading to help you prepare your resources in line with – Building Curriculum 4

See particularly pages 10 – 20, which give relevant reflective questions and examples of experiences and outcomes.

Your resource will be:
• about Travelling cultures but useable for any learner including Traveller learners. You can choose to focus from across the age range (3-18).

• age/appropriate e.g. indicate age and level and include suggestions for differentiation (thus enabling learners with interrupted learning needs).

We suggest using verdana font/size 12 for your text – you might like to look at website to see how they use text. However, when the materials are developed the fine-tuning of its presentation will be done according to LTScotland’s formatting protocols.

Suggested payment scale – 1 days work £100; 2 days work £200 – choosing will be flexible, but a maximum of £400 will be paid for anyone resource. Payment will be organised through LTS.

• Recycling – focus on cars, scrap etc. (Gypsy/Traveller)

• Trading – focus on past e.g. hawking – markets/car boot sales – present – Internet eBay future? (Gypsy/Traveller)

• Jobs Travellers do – focus on e.g. whelking, (Gypsy/Traveller) – focus on setting up a show (Showtravellers)

• Running a Home – focus on budgeting on the move etc. etc.

Please submit your resource proposal using the enclosed/attached proforma:
• by 19th of November – (for working up later)
• indicating suitability for learners at a point across the age range (3-18).

Proposals will be chosen in consultation with TENET members so idea will need to be submitted electronically.
We plan to bring the chosen proposals (number will depend on costs to be awarded per resource) to the TENET meeting (3rd December) where we are expecting the HMI to deliver a CPD on Curriculum for Excellence.
DtS- STEP Proforma