Midlothian Woman’s Aid Annual Report

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Follow this link to download the Midlothian Women’s Aid Annual Report 2010: MWA_Annual_Report_2010

White Ribbon Campaign

East Lothian Council is committed to taking action to stop violence against women and in particular support for the ‘White Ribbon Campaign’.

The White Ribbon Scotland campaign is for men in Scotland who want to end violence against women. It is part of a global campaign of men and boys committed to taking action to stop violence against women.

As we approach White Ribbon Day on 25th November, I would ask that you circulate this email to staff within your establishment as appropriate. Raising awareness is a vital part of our commitment to this campaign.

The two hyperlinks below link directly to ‘White Ribbon’ websites giving details of the campaign. There are a wide range of resources available through the websites for working with young men and boys which will ensure that the campaign can be carried on throughout the year.