FREE Scottish FA Euros Matchplay Camp at Whitecraig

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Scottish FA Euros Matchplay Camp

Ages – 5 to 16 years

Dates – Monday 12th to Friday 16th July 2021

This Camp runs Monday to Friday, 12th to 16th July.
If you can’t make a date, let the Camp supervisors know when you first arrive.
When booking this week long camp it will appear as one date – 12th July – on the booking system.

Times – 2pm to 4pm

Venue – Whitecraig Grass Pitch, Whitecraig Crescent, Whitecraig, EH21 8NG

Price – FREE

Wednesday Wander

This week on our Wednesday Wander to the Whitecraig Village Hub.  We played with some skipping ropes – being energetic,  moving our bodies over and under. We played games with the parachute, had our snack and a story and we collected our weekly food pack which was Creamy Corn and Bean Tortillas with melted cheese which we prepared and had for snack.

9th June 2021

When we arrived at the Village Hub this week, Jane gave us a lovely welcome and we had the opportunity to use the hall to play some football, a game called diggers and builders which was lots of fun, we ate our morning snack and we listened to a story.

This weeks Food Pack was Jambalaya. We sat around the table with our friends to try this, gave our opinion and were able to show some simple food preparation skills and use tools for measure.

It was also lovely to see our Village decorated with flags for the gala. The children wanted to show off their decorated homes.