It was lovely to welcome back our nursery children and to meet our new children and families, we hope they enjoy their time with us. The nursery children asked for a dinosaur theme and they are enjoying their adventures!In addition, we welcome Mrs K. Brunton our new Nursery Nurse, who has settled in very well. Mrs Simpson retired at the end of last term and she has asked me to thank all the children, parents and staff for her lovely gifts and kind wishes. We hope she will visit us soon.
Dinosaurs on PhotoPeach

One thought on “Dinosaurs

  1. Jacob has loved the dinosaur theme since he began nursery in August. He frequently tells us T-Rex is his favourite dinosaur and every morning when we ask what he is going to do at nursery that day he says, “play with dinosaurs.” He has gone through a lot of transition these past few months and this has helped him settle into his new nursery with greater ease. Thank you.

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