We have been learning about People who help us. We had a visit from P.C Smith, our community police officer who told us about some of the work he does. We got to explore his police van, hear him talking on his walkie-talkie and use police equipment such as handcuffs.

Excellent counting when playing hide and seek in the garden.
“Ready or not here I come”

We have learning to recognise and identify 2D shapes. We played a shape monster board game, finding the shape and jumping in to it in the nursery garden and using ICT to choose the right shape monster to eat the shape. 

We have been experimenting with mark making using a variety of media.

“Zero means nothing”
“That’s a number 2”
I can identify and recognise numerals to 5 and 10.

We have been exploring measurements within height and length within everyday play. This included measuring each other, building tall towers, finding big and small nails at the woodwork bench and using ICT to find the smallest, tallest, longest and shortest animals.