Community Garden

We have been out of the nursery and exploring our local environment . We visited the local Community garden, revisiting learning as we looked for our pumpkins we placed in the trees for the squirrels.

“Look it’s gone” “the squirrels eated it all” “There’s none left”

We also found a mole hole, made hot chocolate and cupcakes in the mud kitchen, sang the nursery rhyme Jack and Jill and acted this out tumbling down the small hill. We worked together helping each jump from the small hill as well as rolling tyres which was a little tricky on the grass.


I’ve got an idea!!

“Look! There’s a box. I’m going to make a car. I need that steering wheel”

Together with an adult, A made a car. There was lots of problem solving, working out how he could make a hole in the box and great imagination.

Exploring Patterns

We have been learning about patterns both copying and creating our own using a variety of media.